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Add Chronopost shipping method to WooCommerce
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Send your Chronopost parcels from your WooCommerce store

You’re using a WordPress website and looking for a way to send your Chronopost parcels? Don’t look any further, you’ve found what you were looking for.


WcMultiShipping will allow you to handle all your Chronopost shipments into your WordPress using WooCommerce.

A Chronopost plugin fully integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce

All the features you need

See Chronopost Pick-up points on WooCommerce checkout page

Enable and display Chronopost Pick-up shipping methods so your customers can collect their parcels in their favorite pick-up points. Believe me, they will love it!

Chronopost Point Relais
Chronopost WooCommerce Orders

Generate your labels

Automatically generate your labels based on the order status.
Stop wasting time by manually generating them. Our plugin will automatically do it once the order is set to a specific status.

Multiple shipping methods

8 shipping methods available in our Chronopost WooCommerce plugin

Take the most of the Chronopost shipping methods included into our plugin. Select the ones you would like to use, configure them and you’re ready to go! As simple as that.

Available methods

Here is a list of every shipping methods

Get started today!

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Generate your Chronopost shipping labels

Generate Chronopost outward and inward labels directly from your WooCommerce order page.
You’ll also find a new menu item to access a listing of your Chronopost orders.

Change order status once the label is generated

Define what status you would like to set once the label has been generated. You can set the order status to be set to “Shipping” for example.

Free Shipping

Configure the min amount to set the shipping to be free.

Ad Valorem insurance​

Insure your shipment so you won’t have any bad news.

Logs system

Track and see every error thanks to an efficient log system.