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UPS fully integrated with your WooCommerce website
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UPS services inside WooCommerce

Want to allow your users customers to get their parcels delivered using UPS? Well you’ve found the perfect plugin for doing this!

WcMultiShipping allows you to display UPS pickup points and generate your shipping labels from WordPress using WooCommerce.

Ship your UPS parcels using WooCommerce

All the features you need
Chronopost WooCommerce Orders

Your UPS labels generated from your website

Create your labels from your WordPress website using WooCommerce. Set the parcel dimensions, its weight then generate the label in a few seconds.

Save time by generating them automatically. Our plugin will do it for you once the order is confirmed.

Your WooCommerce orders being shipped using UPS

Allow your users to get their parcels shipped using UPS.

Display UPS pickup points on the checkout page and let them choose their favorite one.

Chronopost Point Relais
Chronopost Shipping Rates

Your own shipping prices

Set your own shipping prices based on some specific conditions (Cart amount / Weight) and make sure you’ll ship your parcels at the right price.

Multiple shipping methods

Take the most of the UPS shipping methods

Select the ones you prefer, configure them and you’re ready to deliver your parcels!

As easy as it seems to be!

Available methods

Here is a list of every shipping methods

Get started today!

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Generate UPS shipping labels from your website

Generate UPS outward labels from your UPS order interface.
A new menu item will also be created so you can see all your UPS orders.

Change order status once the label is generated

Once the label has been generated, define what status you would like to set. You can set the order status to be set to “Shipping” for example.

Free Shipping

Set the minimum amount to make shipping free.

Ad Valorem insurance​

Insure your shipment so you won’t have any bad news.

Logs system

Track and see every error thanks to an efficient log system.